Got Cake?

So I’ve really been working on my cake skills. Recently I did my first (and possibly my last) fondant cake. It was definitely an experience. While it was a lot of work, and oh so fun to decorate, the taste was horrendous to me! Yuck! So today I am baking a buttercream cake, and since there is a member of the family who suffers from Celiac disease it’s going to be a gluten-free cake.

I’ve been experimenting with the many recipes out there for gluten free cakes and this is one of my favorites: Cup 4 Cup’s Chocolate Cake. It’s not the only one out there I like, but today I just happen to have this flour on hand and no interest in going to the grocery store, so Cup 4 Cup cake it is!

So I started throwing it all together in a bowl and realized I am missing a key ingredient cocoa powder! I’m not quite sure how a chocolate cake would taste without the cocoa powder so I it looks like a trip the grocery store is going to happen anyway!

 Now making the cake is the easy part, to me it’s all about the decorations and this is where I always seem to fail. My cakes tend to taste delicious and look atrocious! But I am working hard to improve much to the chagrin of my family who sometimes gets tired of eating cake. Who can get tired of cake?  Not me!


Mom’s Favorite Frosting

The best part of making a cake (and eating it IMO) is the frosting. I have yet to find a recipe I like better than my Mom’s Favorite Frosting. I have no idea where it originally came from, but I know it’s labeled as the above and it’s our go to recipe for buttercream.

Finished Product

Well, there it is my slightly lopsided, buttercream cake, made with love – not with decorating bags (lol). Sorry for the slightly green tinge it has, it is actually a blue cake, the lighting was not the best for the photo. It might not look like much, but I guarantee it tastes delicious! 🙂

Follow up on flavor: This cake really was not a success in my book. I didn’t like the flavor at all. It was moist, yet lumpy. It had the consistency of a brownie and it just didn’t work in a layered cake. It was also quite chewy. Although, it was definitely chocolate-y and I didn’t let it go to waste, but I certainly wasn’t impressed with it either. I probably would not use this recipe again.


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