Cherry-Vanilla Cupcake Goodness

The baking bug bit me again this weekend, personally I think it has something to do with watching too much food network on the weekend! I thought about baking bread, but I hate to say it gluten free bread seems so darn boring!

No kneading = no fun.

I opted instead for cupcakes when at the grocery store I saw the cherry flavoring and knew I wanted to make cherry-vanilla cupcakes. Since everyone in my house is sick of my cake escapades, I found some cute little boxes that I can hand deliver my product to nearby family. Problem solved!

I started by buying Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 ratio gluten free baking flour. Have I mentioned how difficult gluten free baking is? When it comes to flour there are so many choices and I am still discovering which ones work the best. Then I searched for the best white cake recipe I could find on and substituted the gluten free flour.

I added my own mixture of both vanilla and cherry flavoring, as well as some pink food gel to the batter giving it some nice color. Just what I wanted to see then it was off to the oven to bake! I love the cherry smell the house filled up with while mixing!

I, of course went back to my traditional favorite frosting, Mom’s favorite. This is probably only the second time I’ve attempted making it without asking loads of advice while doing it and what you expect to happen did. I messed it all up. I overheated the milk and ended up melting the butter so now we are both doing damage control. It’s currently in the freezer cooling off in hopes that I can salvage it.

Well, it turned out that I could salvage the frosting! Woo Hoo! So happy about that! It didn’t quite reach the stiff pick consistency I was going for but it was able to get the job done!

I even managed to take a few out for delivery to a nearby family member. Drop-ins always make for the best conversation!
By the way, the cupcakes were by far the best flavor combination I’ve made yet and although they weren’t as moist as I would like – possibly due to me overcooking just a tad. They were one of the best gluten free cupcakes I’ve had yet! I would definitely use Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 gluten free baking flour again for cake!


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