Weekend Cook

So I like to do all my cooking on the weekend and then spend the week eating all the left overs. Today was no exception.

I’ve been suffering from a terrible cold all week, and because of that I opted to make a soup today. After searching online for awhile I finally found one I haven’t tried before.

Hungarian Mushroom Soup 



4.5 stars from over 1200 reviews! Sounds positive to me! I’d love to say I got creative and altered the recipe making it my own somehow, but that’s not what happened. I followed the recipe precisely as is. (I think it is important to try something the right way first before you alter it.)

My review, if you LOVE LOVE LOVE mushrooms then this soup is for you! Not only does it smell delicious while cooking, but it tastes delicious too. I had a few complaints that the mushrooms were a bit much for some people, but like I mentioned, you better love those mushrooms! I thought it was quite delicious and surprisingly filling. My only complaint was that it seemed to be needing much more salt than the recipe called for. (I obliged my taste buds and added more.)

Last weekend I did some shopping for my favorite cookie bar recipe:

Magic Cookie Bars (Eagle recipe)

These are to die for if you haven’t tried them yet I recommend you get right on it!

However, I managed to mess up one of the simplest recipes to follow. First of all I grabbed a much to big of pan, requiring me to then use twice the Eagle sweetened condensed milk. Oh boy, was that ever a mistake. After baking and cooling – it never completely set because I had way to much liquid in the mix! So instead of lovely magic cookie bars, I have lovely magic cookie blobs. You have to eat it with a spoon and scoop it out of the pan. Thankfully all the flavors are still there – so there are no real complaints. It’s just a tad bit messier than the usual!

Happy cooking!


Update: Now that we’ve had time to really think about it I don’t recommend using gluten-free graham cracker crumbs for the crust. It’s possible that may have been the problem vs. the extra sweetened condensed milk. Those are after all the only two changes made to the original recipe, so it must be one of them!


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