Snowed In Implies Baking Fun

Being snowed in can be a total drag after a heavy snowfall! I decided to make things interesting by baking a cake.

I stuck with the gluten-free cake theme. My Mom suffers from Celiac disease, and I wanted to be sure she could eat some too! My flour of choice when making something gluten-free is Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free 1 to 1 baking flour. I love this stuff! Whenever I need to transform a regular recipe over into a gluten-free choice I have had wonderful luck with this stuff! If you are familiar with gluten-free cooking then you’ll understand just how difficult it is to come by something that not only works, but is readily available at most health food grocery stores.

Enough gushing about my favorite baking products…on to the cake!

I searched for a white cake recipe finding one that fit my needs. Nothing too fancy, just a basic simple recipe for a white cake – in which I substituted the flour with the gluten free flour mentioned above at a 1 to 1 ratio.

I decided to try out my 4-layer cake pans and poured the batter in, and threw them in the oven at the temperature the cake recipe called for. However, since the pans are small, I knew I’d have to watch them to see when the cake finished. It took a little under 20 minutes.

When I the cake was finished I pulled out Mom’s Favorite Frosting recipe. A mixture of butter, crisco, powdered sugar, vanilla, and a little warm milk – whipped to perfection.

I added a little food coloring – I wanted to make this cake pretty and viola:

It’s funny when I get to frosting…first of all I didn’t have nearly enough to coat the cake completely and you can see in the above pics the gaps in the frosting and cake where that occurred. Second of all, I consistently have this elaborate plan on how I am going to decorate my cake and in the end…well, lets just say my cakes are just that…a cake. Clearly homemade, maybe not as pretty as those you find at a bakery, but they taste good enough for me. So I am happy with my haphazard decorating skills and over time, well, just maybe you’ll see some improvements!

Now let’s try a piece of that cake!




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