Recreating Ree Drummond’s Easy Green Chile Enchiladas

This is one of Ree Drummond’s 25 minute meals and we love us some enchiladas, so this Sunday Fun-day we decided to go for this Mexican dish.

My Mom is actually the finder of all good recipes, this being no exception. She has the Food Network app and saves all of her favorites through it. I haven’t yet felt the need to get the app, because well, I have my Mom for a source of all great recipes! Someday I will have to take on the task of finding recipes for myself, but for now…I’ll just take her advice. It’s worked so far!

On to my experiences with this recipe!

We started by sauteing some onions in a small pan. (My Mom, of course thinks I chose far to small of a pan, but I disagree.) I’ll let you be the judge!


While the onions were sauteing – I got the rest of the ingredients together, the enchilada sauce and the green chiles and poured them into a sauce pan to warm up.


Our final step before assembly was to shred the cheese, we chose Pepper Jack and Colby Jack.

Now all that was left was the assembly:

Then microwave for about 30 seconds, or until the cheese melts. While that was going on we chopped up a little cilantro to top off our meal.

img_3240And Viola, Easy Green Chile Enchiladas!




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