My Top 10 Go-To TV Shows About Food

Weekend Morning sessions of binge watching Food TV is the norm in this household and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I enjoyed every minute of it! Back in the day, my favorite cooking TV show was Iron Chef. When the host shouted out the time left, I gleefully watched the Chef’s scatter to finish. I even pretended in my own kitchen, with my (now ex-boyfriend) timing me while I prepared our dinner!

I watch several varieties of food show, getting a little bit of something from each of them, even if that something is just a growing appetite! My favorites in order are listed below and I’ll do my best to explain what keeps my attention focused on these particular shows.

  1. The Pioneer Woman 

    I love this show because of the way Ree Drummond is able to tell a story about her life while she cooks. She also cooks meals that are almost always appetizing to me. She doesnt go overboard and make overly fancy meals, these are meals for the everyday family event.

  2. Farmhouse Rules

    I put this second, but honestly it could be first. I think both my first and second favorite shows could be tied. I just love her personality. She is so friendly and sociable, and her meals always look so appetizing. I have to admit I am also a bit infatuated with her refrigerator. I mean, those drawers! I love it!

  3. The Kitchen

    If you’re binge watching food network like I do on the weekends, this is a great one to catch. It’s basically a cooking talk show, where they often share awesome tips and tricks and some interesting food ideas. It’s also got a great cast!

  4. Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives

    Okay, Guy is just great? Right? We can all agree on that, and Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives is my favorite show of his. It really makes me want to get out there and try new places to eat and see what I can find. Can you imagine doing a vacation where you hit up only these locations? Yum!

  5. Chopped

    I cannot forget chopped! Chopped may be #5 on my list, but its pretty high up there in my heart. I watch this one often with my Mom, and I know someday, my memories of this show are actually going to be all that much sweeter for it! It’s a great competition show, and it never fails that when I watch it I want to get up and start cooking!

  6. Cooks vs. Cons

    I just like the idea of this one. It’s rather inspiring to someone like me, that has no formal culinary education, yet loves food and cooking. I must admit I am always hoping the winner is someone without formal education. (It gives me hope to dream!)

  7. Kid’s Baking Championship

    Now this show is just amazing! Children who can bake like this astound me. I follow recipes when I bake, and yet these kids seem to know just what ratios to mix up their cakes and they always inspire me with their creativitiy!

  8. Iron Chef

    I haven’t seen this show in years! I have such fond memories, however, so I could not leave it off of my list. All I can think about it is when they shout out the left over times! Oh the pressure!

  9. Giada in Italy

    If I am looking for something a little fancier, that sometimes looks like it requires a little more work, then I turn to Giada and watch her work. I just love when she has relatives on and they bicker back and forth. It’s adorable. Her food always looks divine, although, sometimes seems far fetched for me to make.

  10. Brunch @ Bobby’s

    Now Bobby makes fantastic food in nearly every episode and I love that there is often a cocktail thrown in for fun. I wish I could explain how he ends up at the bottom of my list when I love his food so much, but it just comes down to how many darn good shows there are out there right now about food!


Now that you know my favorites, I am curious, what shows have caught your eye?



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