Food Memory: Chocolate Malt

Everybody has one, probably more than one and I know that I have several! Food memories! This is about what is one of my all time favorite desserts and all because I had an amazing Grandpa who used to make them for us whenever we asked. Yes, I’d say we were more than a little spoiled by him!

This food memory is about chocolate malts. You know the ones, those delicious things that you just ache to taste- the kind you MUST drink with a straw, just like you would at a real diner, or at least that is how it was when my Grandpa made them for us.

I remember being so shy, and practically whispering to him, “Can you make us a malt, Grandpa?” Practically shaking in trepidation, not knowing what he might say. Only to always get a sideways smirk in response while he gathered up everything to make us a proper chocolate malt.

I would climb up on the bar stool at the counter and watch him make it. First he’d get out the vanilla ice cream, the kind WITH the vanilla bean – that was always important for flavor. Next he’d grab both the vanilla syrup and chocolate malt flavoring. He’d carefully portion it out, with me hovering nearby in fascination of course and then came the best part! Using the old fashioned malt blender. A few spins around, and an extra for good measure, then in the glass it would be poured! To finish it off – you must have the straw!

Now as an adult, every time I make myself a shake, or malt, I am reminded of my Grandpa and the way he was able to show his love for us through his special dessert. Food can be an amazing thing. The way it brings people together is always special. My Grandpa has long since passed away, but I know he is with me whenever I make this treat, guiding me and flooding me with happy childhood memories.


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