My Favorite Weekend Egg Breakfast

I have a specific go-to breakfast I make on the weekends. It’s not hard to make, in fact it’s super easy and you may have had it yourself! It is my favorite morning treat to myself. When I have it I feel like, wow, I finally had a “complete” breakfast, compared to my early morning grab and go breakfasts during the week, which is what makes this recipe so special to me.

First I gather the ingredients, eggs, tomato, onion, and cheese for the main dish. I also grab bacon for the side. I put the bacon on immediately so it can cook while the rest of the dish is getting prepared and cooked.

 Next I get a pat of butter melting in the pan, while I start the prep for the rest of the breakfast.

 I scramble my egg, dice the onion and tomato.

 I toss the onions in the pan to soften them up.

 Followed by the tomato.

 Then check on that bacon, because it’s about done!


Add the scrambled egg to the pan, and when it’s almost finished sprinkle a little cheese on top.




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