Kitchen Tips From Mom

Everyone has a Mom full of kitchen advice, my Mom is no exception. I love her kitchen advice! It has always been immeasurably helpful to me when cooking.

We are a sentimental household, and what I mean by that is I have cookbook – handwritten, with quotes and other kitchen notes in it created for me by my Mom. She did this back when I was still in college (1999). I know I am showing my age a bit, however I think it is important to show how meaningful and helpful this gift has been to me over the years, as I still hold onto it with the hopes of adding my own recipes to it someday.

 This page, means so much to me. She wrote this herself and chose appropriate quotes about life to stick throughout the cookbook in random places. My sister and I each were given a cookbook that year. My favorite recipe was the first one in the book. Magic Cookie Bars, following a page of tips from Mom for in the kitchen.

Considering I didn’t even have a kitchen yet, this list of items to have on hand was immeasurably helpful when I went shopping for the first time. Stocking up a pantry is a difficult thing in the beginning. You never really realize what you will need and won’t need and this list made that decision easy.

My Mom is an excellent cook. I’ve always hoped I inherited her creativity in the kitchen. Her cookbook is my go-to cookbook for recipes when I am feeling homesick, or when the holiday’s come around. Comfort food it screams to me and comfort is what it brings. I will always be forever grateful for this sentimental, handwritten cookbook.




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