Sandwich Dressings

Today is Superbowl Sunday, I am sure that hasn’t been missed by any of you as the commercials and social media new’s feeds are all full of various info. on preparing for the game.

This year we went with something easy for the Superbowl at our house, sandwiches. Easier than that even we PURCHASED our sandwiches this year rather than make them. We got them from the local grocery store. A variety of Ham or Turkey and Cheese, and Italian submarines.

I even made a straight out of the box gluten-free football cake complete with store bought frosting. Oh yeah, we went the easy route this year!

We are missing one thing however, and that is the dressings for the sandwiches. In order to mix it up a little I chose to make a few varieties based off ingredients we had on hand.

There are 4 of them.

  1. Italian Dressing, This first one is an easy mix that you are probably all familiar with. A blend of oil, vinegar, and I used Mrs. Dash’s Italian Medley seasoning.
  2. Italian Mayo, this is a quick blend of Mayo and Mrs. Dash’s Italian Medley seasoning.
  3. Lemon Mayo, a blend of Lemon Pepper and Mayo.
  4. Red Pepper Mayo, a blend of Piquante peppers and Mayo.

I was just experimenting with flavors when I created these, and I can tell you that the Italian Mayo and Red Pepper Mayo are my favorites. The jury is still out on the Lemon Pepper Mayo it has a distinct flavor, and I haven’t decided whether my taste buds agree with it or not. Perhaps, I’ll let you decide?



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