Hearty and Tasty Side Dish: Carrots and Parsnips

We had a new ingredient in our refrigerator, or at least new for us, parsnips. I’ve never had or worked with a parsnip before so tonight seemed like as good a time as any!

The parsnip looks an awful lot like a carrot, except it is a white root vegetable. I noticed after our meal that it also had a sweeter flavor. I did the only logical thing someone who has never worked with a parsnip does and went on Youtube to discover how to cut up a parsnip.

I didn’t cut my parsnip up exactly in this manner, since I was planning on sauteing it, so my pieces were a tad bit smaller than in this video, but it was informative nonetheless!

 First I went through and peeled all the carrots and parsnips before chopping them and tossing them in a large saute pan with some olive oil.

 Cook them until they start to brown and their texture softens.

 Don’t forget to season appropriately. Salt & pepper help make the dish!



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