Food Memory: Chicken Pot Pie

As long as I can remember my sister and I always had to have an after school snack. I wonder if this is why when I get home from work now, I immediately head to the kitchen to make dinner. I’m always starving after being away from the house, regardless of how big my lunch was! It’s a curious thing the appetite, I wonder if there is such a thing as a “food habits” memory – like ‘muscle’ memory?

Anyway back to the story, we loved our after school snack time!

2048px-Snack_machine_3538.JPGI remember some of our favorites being those frozen microwaveable pot pies to keep us full until dinner. It would be the very first thing we did when walking in the house, head straight to the freezer and look for some food.

Sometimes we got creative. I remember us being out of the typical foods we usually grab to snack on and so we found a variety of stuff that we “like” and just tried to find a way to put it together. It was probably one of the first times I really started having adventures in the kitchen. (By the way – it was a disaster! We used ice cream cones, peanut butter, frosting, and other random ingredients to fill the cone. When we tried them we both ended up gagging and having to throw them away.) I have a sneaking suspicion my Mom was not too happy about the way we wasted ingredients trying to create our own afternoon snack! Perhaps this is how, frozen chicken pot pies became a part of our childhood.

I haven’t had a chicken pot pie since I was a teenager. They were most prevalent in our lives then and I can’t think about a chicken pot pie without memories of my sister and I and our after school adventures coming to mind.

For example, there’s the time we forgot our house key, so we had to find a way to “break in” to our own house because we both had to use the bathroom with a quickness!

There’s good and bad memories, such as the time we got in the fight and a planter ended up broken. Oops, explain that to Mom and Dad! Or when we used to compatibly share our TV watching time, by splitting the time we watched our shows (even though we both watched each other’s shows as well – although there was no admitting to it!)

Teenage memories flood my mind when I think about the chicken pot pie.

I can’t lie, I haven’t really ever had a craving for them, having eaten so many of them when I was younger. There will come a day though, when I will want nothing more than to eat chicken pot pie and dream about those days gone by.




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