Easy-Peesy Taco Salad

Our family loves tacos, it ain’t no secret. We especially love them since we started frying up our own tortilla’s for the shells. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out, they are the best!

Today we decided to change it up a little, even though we knew we wanted tacos, we thought a salad may be the way to go. After all, you get a whole bowl full of all the good stuff that way! Less mess, easier to eat, and still get all the fixings!

Prep time was fairly quick, we started out chopping up 1 large onion and tossing it with some oil in a large saute pan. (We like cast iron in this house!)


While the onions are softening up get another cast iron pan, with a deeper well and fill with peanut oil. Put it on low heat for now. We’ll be using this much later.

 You’ll want to add the meat to the onions at about this time to get it cooking.

Next get your handy dandy chopping knife out, and get to chopping! Start with a head of lettuce, moving on to parsley, green onions, Jalapeno pepper, and a couple of medium tomatoes.


Toss all your chopped ingredients into a bowl with some salt and pepper. Set aside a small amount of the green onions to top the dish with later if you’d like. (We did!) Use approximately a quarter of the sour cream package to mix the salad together and squeeze the juice of 1 lime on top mixing one last time. Set aside.


Check on your meat, it should be pretty close to finished, if not already. It’s time to “make” the sauce. In our case our sauce was store bought. We tried a new packaged sauce to see how it tasted. (It was delicious!) We followed the directions on the package, adding the sauce and letting it heat through. When it was done, we turned it down to low while we finished our last – yet most vital step to this taco salad…


…making the tortilla strips! Let’s go back to our cast iron pan filled with peanut oil..shall we? We had to cut up our tortilla’s into strips, and then in groups add them to the peanut oil letting them cook for just a few seconds each. We scooped them out letting them dry on paper towel and salting them while they were still hot. This process can take a bit of time, but believe me when I say it is worth it!





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