Anti-Pasta Salad

I almost didn’t blog this one because it really doesn’t involve much cooking, just a lot of mixing of ingredients. On the other hand, I LIKE it so I think it’s earned it’s place on my blog!

I have another pot luck coming up at work, you know what that means, scramble around the house until I figure out what I am going to make. In this case, I decided on anti-pasta salad. I made this one up based off of ingredients I like, but you can alter it according to whatever preferences you have of course!

First, get the water in the pot and wait for it to come to a boil.

And wait for it….

wait for it…..

Okay, now it’s boiling!

Toss in the pasta (I used tri-colored noodles for the fun of it), salt liberally and set the timer according to the directions on the pasta. (I like mine al dente, so it’s usually just a little less than the package tells me.)

While the pasta is cooking get your ingredients ready, open the cans of black olives. I’m a HUGE black olive fan, so although you can probably get away with just one can, I used two. Get out the jar of yellow pepper rings. Cherry tomatoes? Check. Zesty Italian Dressing? Check.

Next pull out the cheeses and get to slicing. Parmesan and Fontina cheese, are my choices. I cheated and bought my Parmesan already in pieces, while I still had to cut up the Fontina.

After that comes the meats, Pepperoni can go in just as it is, but Salami needs to be cut into quarters so it’s at least small enough to fit into your mouth. I was also lucky enough to have chicken in the crock pot today, so into the mix went the chicken.

When the pasta is finished, drain and rinse with cold water to cool off the pasta. You don’t want your meats to cook, or your cheeses to melt!

Then add each ingredient one by one, topped with the dressing.

Don’t forget the cheese! (I almost did!)




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