Memorial Day Weekend Bundt Cake

I knew I was making a dessert of some kind for this weekend, that just goes without saying, but what on the other hand was where I was stuck.

This year I went for something simple, and by simple, I mean I used a box cake mix. Yea – I cheated. My favorite kind actually is the Duncan Hines Moist cakes and that is what I found in the cupboard!

I wanted something different this time then your typical square cake, so I opted for using a Bundt cake pan. Not only will my cake taste delicious, (Thanks Duncan Hines!) but it will look pretty too!

I like my cakes with lots of frosting and this was no exception, I went with “Mom’s favorite Frosting Recipe,” as usual. Topping the cake with stripes of decadent frosting goodness, and because it’s a holiday – sprinkles! I tried for “pretty,” but instead got “tasty” and well, I’ll take it!



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